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um novo prsonagm para a farm o bali basics birtroll quano agnt sta caminhano l taca u ovo na gnt qu tanpa a nossa cara faz a gnt nao nchga por 5 sc

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This Is bad

Hey I need help with my baldi fan game with unity Baldis basics 2

Hey. I have an idea for a new character
he doesn’t like people, and therefore he is always with a knife to kill someone, relish this ink demon in a hat
"I am one evil ink demon"

Everyone if you post negative comments you wiĺl get banned! (and there's no chance to get unbanned)

I fixed Beta 1.3 version, now everyone can play it

I'm downloading this new update!


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Hello, Mojang2468. We were planned to add pencil boy in baldi's fan basics, but It was ilegal because the pencil boy is owned by a person. Sorry for what we're we said

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Hey I need help with my fan game of baldi Basics called Baldi's Basics 2 (Основы Бальди 2) made with unity  teach me plz they are getting angry :( and it's hard to make even with coding

ey happy b-day g-rex

Thank you! :D

y welcome

when's next update?

Last time I talked to g-rex studio and he said the update is coming in early or mid February (but i don't know if he's changed it since then)

wow nice! thanks for replying! :)

he said he will make 1.3 at February 15 2020

Yup it did

It's good

look at my meme:

easy game

i beat it

you can open the lockers?

It was an unused idea for it. How did you find that?

from the textures

i'm gonna try to make robbin's fan basics


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that's good to hear from you! Thanks


i couldn't make it

it gave me a unity glitch

Did you use assetsbundleextractor? If you did, I'll tell you a problem why you can't


I think you put sharedassets2 on the desktop instead of it being in BALDI 1.2_Data properly. You can't export/import textures if the sharedassets2 is not in his place properly. Try watching this video and you may be able to import/export the textures. If this doesn't work, try to download the new version of assetsbundleextractor.

hey i rated your game to 5 stars


This  Baldi's Basics fan game is the best!


The 1.3 version of Baldi's Fan Basics is coming in the next year on february 15

Good to hear, I can't wait for the update!

dont forget free run mode

Great Baldi Fangame! I recently played the 1.2 update, here's the video:

(Also, I've started a collection for baldi fangames, here's a link for you:

Oh, thank you :)

Your welcome! Also, I found a bug where when you try and put the quarter into the noise phone, it doesn't work. Can you try and fix it in beta 1.3?



Thanks! Also, do you think you could make a title screen for my fangame? I will credit you and give you an example of what it should look like.

My anti-virus is deleting "BALDI 1.2.exe". What's the solution?

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I'm Android player, please Android game beta 1.3

I Will Play It! :D

hey G-rexStudio will you make your baldi model for anim8or free?

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Cn you make baldi unangry when i get 1 notebook?

and make free run mode

Basically, I can't but I can make free run mode

ok then, do free run mode at beta 1.3


Hi g-rex!

I have ideas for fan game

When you got exits its got random color(its choosing from random)

Add placeface he walks in the school and sometimes takes 2 items if you don`t have items he takes 1 notebooks and notebook teleports to the first place

Day/night (that`s means day and night changes)

Random events from Public demo and kickstarter demo

And new event: Party at the outside (all characters except baldi goes to outside and later eating cake and gives you a apple item)

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Hello, LetsplayGames 303! Looks like you have ideas for my fan game. I could say:

1. I can't make random color when player reach the first exit (I'll try on 1.4 beta version)

2. The place faces will be easter eggs (idk will I put it on school)

3. Yes, I will add that option on future update

4. I think it will be hard to add these events on Baldi's Fan Basics... If there is a video tutorial of how to add events...

5. Maybe I'll add that (except of baldi eating a cake)

I'll try to add these ideas for my Baldi's Fan Basics!

Anyways, thanks for remind these cool ideas!

No problems!

Cool fan game G-rex, soon I will upload it! So..Can you add my video on the gamebanana page?

Characters will be stuck on Gotta Sweep! Fix this glitch pls.

G-rex, will there be different subjects when the full game comes out?

Well, the red notebook subject will be the easter egg in 1.3 beta update

Wow! Thanks for replying! :)

is it possible to mod this?

Yes, it is. Just don't use this for decompile!

When someone Decompile this game, It will be unfair

Deleted 155 days ago

I decompiled it, but i won't submit it.

Deleted 148 days ago


Pls android

Sorry, that's illegal

Nice Remake of Real Baldi!


No Problem!